The Sehnsucht years : 1997 - 1999

Four months after the end of the Herzeleid tour began the Sehnsucht tour. The album wasn't even released yet (it'll come on august, 22nd). The Sehnsucht tour was held between April 1997 and July 1999 (plus two shows in 2000).

Thanks to the release of the hit-singles Engel and Du hast, Rammstein's popularity increase world-wide ; and this was their first World Tour (they barely only played in Germany during the Herzeleid years).
They performed 149 shows during that period, and played songs from both Herzeleid & Sehnsucht Album.

The setlist was usually as follow (with minor changes, depending on the dates or country):

01 - Spiel mit mir
02 - Herzeleid
03 - Bestrafe mich
04 -Weisses Fleisch
05 - Sehnsucht
06 - Asche zu Asche
07 - Wilder Wein
08 - Klavier
09 - Tier
10 - Du riechst so gut
11 - Du hast
12 - Bück dich
13 - Engel
14 - Rammstein
15 - Heirate mich
16 - Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
17 - Seemann

Rammstein used more pyro on this tour (flames, burning coat, flamethrowers), and also filmed their first DVD "Live Aus Berlin" in august 98. You can buy it in music shops and online.

The costumes and stage had a futuristic gray and metalic look.

During the Family Value tour, Rammstein played with bands like Korn or Orgy. That made them quite popular among the american audience.


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