The Herzeleid years 1994 - 1996

"Hello, we are Rammstein. Throw your hands in the air. We love you !!!!"
Classic rock star words like these were never to be heard at any Rammstein show. Actually there was nearly no talking at all. Rammstein was different – way different then the common breed of upcoming musicians at that time.
It all started with a cigarette, a lighter and a petrol canister and ended with an armageddon like flamethrower inferno.

Till Lindemann in 1995: “Our show is not a performance. It´s more like a theatre. A performance raises the claim to be some kind of art, what we definitely aren´t. We only want to impress the spectators and hit them with a slap in the face. We had a very good produced debut record out and we had to play those songs in front of hundreds of people. So we decided to create a powerfull stageshow for our powerfull songs. And what fits best with our music? Fire, explosions and flames and so we did…”

And the rest was history…

The Herzeleid tour was held between april 1994 and October 1996.

Rammstein met their manager, Emanuel Fialik, during the Saafeld show, in December 94. That was the show of their live: it was the day everything really started.
They performed 113 shows during that period, most of them in Germany. The band usually played all songs from their debut album Herzeleid, and demos from Sehnsucht. There wasn’t a lot of pyro effects : only a little flamethrower in Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen, and some explosions here and there.

Their first big gig was in Berlin, Der Arena, in 1996. It was designed by Gert Hof (who also designed the Live aus Berlin 98) and had an attendance of 6,000 people. It was professionally recorded on the tape “100 Jahre Rammstein”.

Usually Rammstein played the following songs in 1995:

01. Rammstein
02. Herzeleid
03. Der Meister
04. Afrika (Sehnsucht)
05. Weisses Fleisch
06. Asche zu Asche
07. Seemann
08. Kinski (Heirate mich)
09. Riecher (Du riechst so gut)
10. Laichzeit
11. Bringer (Wollt ihr das Bett...)

12. Hallo, hallo (Das alte Leid)
13. Feuerräder

They added Bestrafe Mich and Spiel mit mir to the 1996 setlist, and removed Feuerräder, which was never played again.

The tour came to an end in october 1996, when they started the recoding of their second album Sehnsucht.

Herzeleid Tour

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